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  • Why is smoking harmful to health? What methods can help you quit smoking effectively and quickly? Alternative therapies and folk remedies for addiction.
    8 September 2021
  • The fight against nicotine addiction can be gradual or sharp and decisive. What effect will suddenly quitting smoking have on the body?
    18 August 2021
  • Causes of abdominal (stomach) pain, heartburn, and nausea after quitting smoking. Regarding what causes weakness and poor health when quitting smoking. Why it gets worse: Acne, leg pain, and other possible side effects when quitting smoking.
    18 August 2021
  • Is it a sin to smoke during fasting? How to quit smoking during Lent? Find out the answer from the answer after reading the article.
    18 August 2021
  • How to quit smoking quickly and easily? Effective folk methods, psychological influence methods, expert advice.
    26 August 2020