How to Quit Smoking: Tips from Allen Carr

Quitting smoking is never easy. But it is likely to be separated from cigarettes-Alan Carr's method has proven this in practice.

Allen Carr is the founder of the International Clinic Network, which aims to help everyone quit smoking. The fighter who suffers from tobacco addiction calls his method the "easy way. "Karl's most famous book is called "The Easy Way to Quit Smoking".

What is Alan Carr’s method based on?

Fear elimination

The most important thing is that he believes that the main habit of getting rid of fear is not even to quit smoking itself, but the intention to quit smoking. After bidding farewell to cigarettes, we are afraid to find ourselves face-to-face with addiction, experiencing the feeling of addiction, which means that deprivation and unsatisfied desire to smoke is another matter. We may not be suitable for the team, because the discussion in the smoking room during lunch will bypass us. At the same time, we will do our best to control ourselves and try not to consider the fact that the nearest store where you can buy cigarettes is very close.

When facing these (and similar) fears, it is important not to give in to them. Even if you do not follow the Allen Carr method to quit smoking, you can try other methods or even give up the idea of ​​quitting smoking completely. However, if all goes well (because you are already thinking about whether you should quit smoking), everything will be fine. In the past, a simple method can help you get rid of addiction.

Try to carry out personal growth training at any time, get rid of fear, and then enter the next stage-fight against fantasy.How to quit smoking following Alan Carr's method


According to Allen Karr, the advantages of his method are the opposite. Usually, when quitting smoking, a former smoker tries to quit smoking and opposes smoking (and, you must admit, there are a lot of smoking), but this method is full of failures. It was like a hard diet, and then another thin young lady started eating sweets again, and this time she was depriving herself of sweets.

So, on the contrary, you can overcome your desire to quit smoking instead of overcoming the craving for cigarettes. Not to ban smoking, but to allow a new cigarette to slowly kill people who are used to it.

Many smokers’ beliefs are merely addictive fantasies:

  • Smoking is fun;
  • Cigarette helps relieve boredom/tension/stress/overweight;
  • If you try once, you cannot exit;
  • Only people with perseverance and perseverance can quit smoking;
  • Smoking can help you calm down, think or work hard.

All these arguments seem to convince you, but they become a "big problem": cigarettes develop this relationship within you, even so much, that without them, you will not be able to collect yourselfThe idea or failure to achieve complete success is the winner

So, the real problem is not to quit smoking. This is about quitting smoking is not a certain period, but a lifetime. "For life" is not a word that exists without cigarettes, but new opportunities and habits to get rid of bad habits, and you can discover bad habits, not lung discomfort, bad breath and money waste, not only waste, but also harm yourself.

It's great to be a non-smoker

It is important to realize that it is not smokers who win by smoking, but non-smokers have nothing to do with cigarettes. Smokers spend money on addiction, their health, time, and other issues. There are many, from the constant search for smokers and "ok restaurants" to the subtle demands of their partners to brush their teeth.

Smokers get nothing

Is it worth it?

If cigarettes cannot help you solve the problem, but only solve the problem, you will be able to separate from it. You can also try other techniques:

  • The lilac bracelet method can help many people. Initially, its purpose is to develop positive thinking, but it also helps to fight bad habits.
  • Others use the 21-day rule-that is, according to statistics, this requires developing positive habits or quitting bad habits.
  • Be sure to consider that you want to spend some time getting rid of cigarettes and the money that has already appeared. For example, set aside the money you could have spent on those things to forget about your favorite hobbies.

I wish you success. Don't let bad habits control you and rule your life. Even before you quit smoking, you need to give up something.