How to quit smoking on your own: looking for easy ways

Effective ways to quit smoking on your own

The desire to get rid of nicotine addiction poses a challenge for me. Many heavy smokers try to get rid of bad habits, but only a few achieve the desired goal.

Is it really that complicated? Is there no easy way to quit smoking on your own? We offer a variety of options to help you deal with harmful accessories in your home.

Reasons for addiction

Every smoker has his own reason to smoke. Sociologists say that most tobacco addiction begins in adolescence. Young people believe that smoking can make them better integrate into the company, bring them closer to their peers, and allow them to open up and liberate themselves. Replaced by nicotine addiction.

Among the elderly, a person begins to reach out for cigarettes in order to find peace and tranquility in them to eliminate pain or dissatisfaction. There may be many reasons. Some people don’t know what to do with themselves and use smoking as a remedy for boredom. For example, when they are waiting for a bus at a bus stop, or when they want to take a break from boring, monotonous or uninteresting work. Others use cigarettes to eliminate the fear of loneliness. They worry that if they refuse to support the company in the smoker circle, they will be rejected and will not be understood. For others, smoking is a way to relax and release stress. In other words, smoking is a desire to eliminate internal conflicts or problems. So how to quit smoking alone?

Where to start

The first step in eliminating addiction is to realize that cigarettes are not good for you. On the contrary, they deprive health, beauty and youth, destroy and rob power from within. By getting rid of nicotine addiction, you will not lose anything. Then make a firm decision and act immediately. Not tomorrow, not Monday or New Year, but the second one. Eliminate all smoking properties and thoroughly ventilate the apartment. Throw away ashtrays and lighters, wash curtains and clothes, change routes around your favorite tobacco shop, and stop visiting smoking companies.

The most difficult period to quit smoking is considered to be the first 3-5 days. To reduce stress, experts recommend distracting attention.

Warn your friends and family that you have decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Ask them for help and support. Take a piece of paper and write down the results of reducing smoking: lowering blood pressure and normalizing it, enriching cells with oxygen, enhancing body function, feeling new tastes and smells, beauty and even complexion, reducing heart attack or lung cancerRisk etc. . . . study the contents of the form carefully, or take it with you. Let this list inspire and inspire you.

The most difficult period to quit smoking is considered to be the first 3-5 days. In order to reduce stress, experts recommend that you distract yourself, such as exercising, going to a movie theater or amusement park, having a good company, and so on. Therefore, even before you quit smoking, consider where and how you can live and distract yourself. The more distractions, the better.

Folk remedies

The easiest way to quit smoking by yourself is to get rid of cigarettes and never smoke again. But for many people, such behavior is still just a dream. Therefore, they are looking for ways to help overcome the consequences of nicotine smoking cessation. Folk methods are becoming valuable helpers on this road.

One of the other tools that can help ease the withdrawal period is to rinse your mouth with a special solution. To do this, you will need a large roll, baking soda and hot water. Add 1 tablespoon l. Pour the dried herbs and soda water into a glass of boiling water and leave it for about 1-1. 5 hours. Whenever you want to smoke, rinse your mouth with the prepared product. The solution tastes disgusting enough to cause nausea or vomiting. 2-3 flushes are enough to make a bunch of cigarettes with a disgusting smell work on a subconscious level, and any desire to touch them will disappear.

Some mouthwashes have different solutions. They mix 1 tablespoon. Boiling water and a tablespoon. l. The purpose of Haiyan's remedy is also to prevent the desire to smoke.

Anti-nicotine tea is a gentler treatment to eliminate tobacco addiction. 2 tablespoons. Pour 1 teaspoon of boiling water. Black long tea and 0. 5 teaspoon. Peppermint, chicory, nettle, valerian and. Keep using the solution for 15-20 minutes and consume half a cup a day. You can enhance the effectiveness of the medicine by adding honey, beetroot and lemon juice.

Another effective infusion solution to suppress the smoky taste is the decoction of cereals. Mix 100 grams of oats, rye and millet, and pour 1 liter of water on top. Bring to heat, boil for 10 minutes, cool and filter. Take half a cup of infusion 3 times a day. Because the broth contains a lot of nutrients, the body will remove toxins in record time and get rid of harmful addictions.

The infusion can also be made with other herbs. For example, from valerian, catnip and dandelion, or from plantain, St. John's wort, echinacea and calf. Take a tablespoon. l. Pour boiling water into the listed herbs, close the lid and let stand for about 30-40 minutes. Then filter several times a day and drink some water instead of ordinary tea. All these herbs have calming and calming effects.

In some cases, when the desire to drag a cigarette becomes unbearable, you can use mullein leaves and rosemary curls. A small amount of smoking can meet the needs of smokers without causing harm like the tar in tobacco.

Breathing exercises

Long-term smoking is a common cause of shortness of breath. Therefore, it is necessary to recover during the period of smoking cessation. This will speed up the cleansing of the lungs and significantly improve overall health.

Try to perform the following exercises regularly:

  • Sit up straight. Relax. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for a few seconds. Exhale slowly. Repeat 8-10 times. During exercise, you may feel dizzy. do not panic. This is normal and is caused by the active supply of oxygen to the brain.
  • Accept the last starting position. Inhale slowly through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. About 30 breaths. Then rest for 1 minute, then start again at a faster pace. A total of 5-6 cycles need to be completed.
  • The final exercise can be done while sitting or standing. Inhale deeply to fill the entire chest with air, then the abdomen. Hold your breath for 1-2 seconds. First exhale air from the abdomen and then exhale from the lungs. Pay attention to the spine during execution. He must remain absolutely straightforward. Repeat 6-7 times.

Anti-nicotine diet

Giving up cigarettes puts a lot of pressure on the body. In response to this situation, many people began to consume fat, sweets and flour foods without restriction. Eventually lead to a significant increase in weight. Modifying the refrigerator and correct eating habits will help avoid such consequences. Don't cover up the problem with cakes and candies.

Try to eat as many vegetables, fruits and dairy products as possible in your diet. Eat often, but eat little by little, and then the hunger will not persist. Drink a drink with a straw and chew food thoroughly for a long time. In the early stages of quitting smoking, eat cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli and eggplant. These vegetables contain a small amount of nicotine, which helps reduce nicotine cravings. Quitting smoking on your own will be easier.


Some experts recommend that you put something in your mouth when you quit smoking, and replace cigarettes with something useful. The leaders among these alternatives are bird cherry branches and swamp calf. Once your hand reaches for the cigarette, grab the substitute and chew.

Cheese cigarettes are an excellent help for coping with psychological addiction to nicotine. Cut cheese into thin slices, roll into rolls and dry slightly. Fold into a pack instead of cigarettes. Once you have a strong desire to smoke, take out the cheese stick and chew it. In addition to the listed products, alternatives include carrots, apples or candied pineapple slices.


Here are some tips for smokers who are strongly psychologically addicted to nicotine. They will make the process of quitting smoking easier.

  • Reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke every day.
  • Before you continue to drag, perform some actions to increase the time between smoking.
  • Replace natural cigarettes with electronic cigarettes, and gradually reduce the nicotine content.
  • Use special plaster. Paste it on your body every day, after 1-2 months, you can finally get rid of bad habits.
  • Female smokers can more easily tolerate the use of psychotherapeutic techniques or give up cigarettes under the influence of someone’s opinion: betting, challenging competitors, promising to husbands or considering the health of their children.
  • Men can seek motivation from running, fitness, exercise or chatting with other throwers on forums or social media.
  • Soak ordinary cigarettes with milk or cream, and then dry them thoroughly. Try to smoke such "milk smoke" for a while. In just 2-3 days, even ordinary tobacco smoke can make you very sick.

We hope that we can clarify all the points about ways to quit smoking at home. Remember, the most important thing is that you sincerely hope to get rid of bad habits. Learn to relax and distract yourself, enjoy other rewards and fun ways. This will be the easiest way to quit addiction.