How to quit smoking quickly and easily

If you are reading this article, then you, like me, hate cigarettes. Do you want to quickly end this obsession that ruins your life? If the answer is yes, then I provide you with a way to solve the problem of addiction in a short time. I will show you how to quit smoking quickly and easily, without damaging your health, and without buying all kinds of garbage that can make the situation worse. Not only exit, but also repair the required model, and will not crash in the future.

How to quit smoking quickly and easily

Smokers Story

Usually, I was familiar with cigarettes when I was about 7th grade-my brother and I climbed up to the construction site and learned to "smoke. "Naturally, our parents forbid us to smoke, so we have to keep thinking of ways to hide cigarettes and eliminate the persistent smell of smoke.

Then there are companies where everyone smokes. They say this is a fashion, and if you don’t smoke, then it’s not cool. Everything is different now, but the times are different. Therefore, this habit is surrounded by smokers and is increasingly rooted in me. I smoke as much as possible, and the possibility of being burned by an adult only gives more motivation to the process.

But when I was 16 years old, there was a click in my head and I decided to give up cigarettes. In this way, willpower suddenly appeared. Frankly speaking, although this matter will not last long, there has been a positive side since then. A few weeks later, I changed my mind and said that drinking can smoke. In other words, when I am awake, I don't smoke, but I smoke at parties. As you might have assumed, I did not stop there. Although it has a positive effect-I have smoked a lot in the past four years.

But this method also has great disadvantages. Because of the strong connection between smoking and alcohol in my brain, I am attracted to drink every time I just want to smoke.

But I did not stop there. In the third year of studying in university, I found a job in a taxi, where I had lit a full cigarette. I smoke nearly a pack of cigarettes a day when I drink more. And this situation continued until the fall of 2017. Roughly speaking, my experience as a smoker is about 10 years.

How do I quit smoking

My friend, in this chapter, I will tell you how I quit smoking and then how to quit smoking. Therefore, if you are too lazy to read, you can continue reading the next chapter. It’s just that many people ask me how to manage it, but it is inconvenient to be smart, because the method is very simple.

So in October 2017, I woke up in the morning after a busy party and felt sad. I didn't have enough sleep. I had a headache after drinking alcohol the day before, and the vestibular instruments were not working properly. I smoked and got in the car. The car was boring and smelled of herringbone. Most importantly, I started to feel sick. In general, it is full of negative emotions.

At that moment, I started to feel sick, and my mouth tasted like a recent cigarette. I looked out the window: It was the gorgeous autumn weather outside, the sun was shining, and the leaves fell from the trees. Then, I was full of very pleasant childhood memories related to this special weather and similar scenery. In my eyes, there is a pleasant connection between the situation outside the window and the childhood when I felt good when I was a child, unlike in the car now. What should I do next?

My 3 instant steps

  1. At this moment, I just associate intense pain and negative emotions with smoking. My whole body feels that her sadness is hers now. It is not difficult to do this because of the unpleasant smell of tobacco in the mouth. Add constant shortness of breath and cash costs.
  2. Next, I looked out the window again, completely connecting the feeling of pleasure with quitting smoking. Again, it is not difficult to do this, because in the situation when I was a child, I didn't smoke and felt good. In addition, I added a pleasant feeling that without cigarettes, I can safely climb the stairs without suffocation. I also added a financial advantage: if I don’t buy cigarettes, then I can buy something useful by myself.
  3. During the emotional climax, I made a clear and conscious decision to quit smoking forever.

It all took me about 10 seconds. The mood fluctuated so much, I immediately threw the package into the trash can.

However, in the long run, these steps are not enough, so I had to perform some steps that were equally successful. You will read about them below.

Now introduce the interesting part. I quit smoking accidentally. I did not prepare for this decision, did not go to the doctor, did not buy chewing gum to smoke, put on plasters, sprays and other nonsense. A few months later, I started to read Tony Robbins' book on self-improvement, and found that these methods were applied unknowingly!

6 steps to get rid of addiction

These principles are based on neuroassociative conditions. They are:

  1. Make clear, informed decisions about why you should quit smoking. It is you who want this, not your loved ones.
  2. Use leverage: Link strong emotional pleasure with quitting smoking now. If you don’t do this now, you will link intense suffering. Do something like me, or find a way. Most importantly, you need to feel strong emotions and associate them with smoking.
  3. We need to break the old behavior. For example, I used to go to the smoking room in the workplace to discuss business with colleagues, smoking. After quitting smoking, I began to communicate with them in a "no smoking" place.
  4. Create a new alternative method. But, my friend, if you focus on long-term development, this step is the most important. The truth is that quitting smoking is not enough. You need to use other things to replace the happiness that cigarettes bring you. Things that will not bring you side effects. For example, instead of smoking with friends, I watched funny TV series or drank tea. By looking at the reasons for smoking, you need to think of an alternative to smoking that stimulates yourself. Suppose you smoked cigarettes when you started to worry. Exercising or achieving some short-term goals can help a lot from this feeling.
  5. You need to make the installation "permanent" instead of "at least one week. "And repeat the above operation until you get used to it. I spent about three weeks.
  6. propose a reward system. This is a very important step. You should know that if you don't smoke today, you can afford some good things. If it's a week, then things are even bigger; if it's a month, then go abroad for vacation. This is how I do it-I keep encouraging myself until the habit completely disappears.


My friend, smoking problem is mainly psychological addiction, not physical addiction. There are plenty of ways to quit smoking. Replace ordinary cigarettes with electronic cigarettes, apply patches, and chew gum. If you open a search engine and ask how to quit smoking by yourself, you will see a lot of drugs, services and absurd ways.

Please give me the name of at least one person who put a plaster on and got rid of addiction. For example, I don't know such a person. The fact is that all these drugs can only partially relieve physical dependence. Believe me, she is not that strong yet. But this is a profitable business because people will buy. They buy and hope that there is a miracle method that applies to their situation. This will not happen.

This fairly simple method helped me get rid of the addiction to smoking. Therefore, I also recommend it to you.