Smoking cessation drugs: overview, principle of action

Nicotine addiction is one of the most common addictions in the world. It affects all parts of the population regardless of social status, gender, and age. Statistics confirm that in Russia, this problem is urgently needed because every third of the residents are psychologically or physically dependent on tobacco.

Smoking medicine

Effectively quitting this habit does not always have enough willpower, so pharmaceutical companies provide specialsmoking cessation drugsto suppress the urge to smoke. They reduce the craving for cigarettes, allowing you to get rid of the habit of cigarettes in a short time without the need to "quit smoking".

Why is it addictive?

Nicotine is a substance that causes intense cravings and reaches the brain 10 seconds after the first puff. Because nicotine affects the central nervous system, it will form an addiction on a physiological level. During smoking, dopamine is released at the cellular level-the hormone of joy and pleasure. It is he who makes us return to cigarettes time and time again.

The degree of cessation of "smoking" is significantly reduced, and withdrawal symptoms appear, which can cause serious discomfort. Therefore, one of the causes of addiction is the increase in dopamine transmission, which causes a euphoria.

The second aspect is the psychological aspect. Stress, or vice versa, is a pleasant pastime for the company and an additional reason for smoking. It is usually used as a way to maintain communication, join a team, concentrate on work, or express yourself in adolescents.

For tobacco lovers, this is not only an addiction, but also a pleasant daily ritual, which may be difficult to refuse at will. This is why it’s so important to findeffective ways to quit smoking.

How do smoking cessation drugs work? The real help or the public relations head?

According to their effects, antinicotinic drugs are divided into 3 categories:

  1. Alternative. They use cystine as the main ingredient-a substance that acts on the human body similar to nicotine. Main advantage: No tar in cigarettes.
  2. Smoking cessation drugshave a direct effect on the brain. If nicotine is not taken in regular doses, they can reduce food cravings, reduce the process of rejection, and reduce the stress on the body. The list includes antidepressants.
  3. Drugs that prevent nicotine euphoria, causing nausea. They negatively affect the body in the form of rapid breathing and pulse, cramps, and dizziness.

It is recommended that beginners take the third group of drugs to quit smoking, and patients with long-term experience in tobacco control will benefit from nicotine drugs.

Does this mean you can forget cigarettes once and for all?

When taking medicine, you need to understand that its effect is auxiliary and it is impossible to get rid of the long-term addiction immediately. However, you can promote the adjustment of mental and physical structure. Moreover, the patient's own strong desire is an important and basic key to treatment.

The drug should be prescribed by experts based on diagnostic indicators. During treatment, the instructions must be followed and the dosage must be strictly observed.

Nicotine smoking therapy

Nicotine smoking therapy

If we talk about this type ofsmoking therapy, then they are particularly mild and therefore particularly popular. Such preparations are usually produced in the form of lozenges for absorption. Each lozenge contains the active substance, with an average of 2 mg of nicotine. This alternative therapy reduces the need for cigarettes and reduces withdrawal symptoms.

When it is necessary to reduce the number of smoking products, it can be used to quit smoking completely or partially. The degree of dependence should be considered when calculating the dose. Generally, it is recommended to take 8 to 12 tablets a day, that is, take it every 1-2 hours. To be completely weaned, you need to take the medicine for 3 months.

It is recommended to take safety precautions in the following situations:

  • Abnormal kidney or liver function;
  • Heart rupture, the presence of vascular disease;
  • Exacerbation of duodenal or gastric ulcer;

People with hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and pheochromocytoma should be taken with caution. For pregnant women, during breastfeeding, such drugs are prescribed only after analyzing the possible risks and effectiveness. The side effects were noticed in the first few weeks.

Which anti-smoking drugs are cheap but effective?

Preparations containing cystine-this component has low toxicity and high therapeutic properties. The effect of the drug is almost the same as the intake of nicotine. The demand for cigarettes has gradually decreased and the addiction rate has dropped to a lower threshold.

Effective smoking cessation drugs

The initial dose is six tablets, and then take 1-2 tablets. The effect is obvious after one week of use. If the effect is not satisfactory, it is recommended to resume the treatment process after two months.

It is not recommended to use during pregnancy, heart disease, atherosclerosis, galactosemia, malabsorption syndrome. Only with the permission of a doctor, cytosine-containing drugs can be used to treat kidney failure, gastric ulcer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and adrenal tumors.

It is forbidden for people under 18 years old and people over 65 years old to take the drug. Cannot be combined with anti-tuberculosis drugs.

Theratingof effective drugs to help quit smoking includes drugs that contain antidepressant, antioxidant, neuroprotective and membrane stimulating substances. In addition, the tablet can also restore the metabolism of lipids and glucose cells and improve the function of neurotransmitters. Therefore, the craving for psychoactive substances in cigarettes is reduced.

Since the composition contains lactose, it is not recommended to use it in the case of congenital galactosemia and insufficient lactose. There are also minors who become pregnant due to insufficient clinical research. Take 1 tablet 2 to 3 times a day.

Safe and effective smoking therapy

Various pills containing Valenicline can help you quit smoking effectively. This drug has minimal contraindications. Use with caution in minors, pregnant women and patients with renal insufficiency.

The average treatment time is 12 weeks. Take 1 tablet several times a day. The first week of treatment may be accompanied by insomnia, shortness of breath or cough, which may also be caused by sudden cessation of smoking.

Which medicine is the cheapest?

At first glance, anti-tobacco drugs cannot be said to be cheap, but compared to the amount smokers spend on cigarettes each month, any of the drugs listed fit the definition-a cheap drug.

Affordable anti-smoking drugs

It is best to buy high-quality drugs immediately, so that the effect justifies the money spent. It should also be noted that compared to sprays, lozenges and patches, these pills are much more effective and faster in helping to quit addiction.

The total cost of treatment depends on the dose and duration of the treatment. The higher the price, the better the efficiency and speed of the result. Cigarette substitutes that facilitate the cessation process are usually set at low cost, but if treatment is stopped, cravings may reappear.

How to choose the most effective technology?

If you "show" the use of any medicine, even the most expensive medicine, it will not bring the desired effect. These pills should be seen as a supplement to the strong desire to eliminate addiction. The right attitude is half the battle. It is also important to find your hobbies or hobbies. It can help you forget smoking again. Arming yourself with information is important.Good folk wayswill not hurt either. For example, if you want to smoke, you can chew on ampoule root or gargle with mint infused with herbs and the same crushed root.

You need to choose a treatment based on the appointment of a specialist who will consider your addiction, chronic disease, general physical condition and other personal factors. Don't rush to spend money on medicines on the advice of friends, and don't be fooled by bright advertisements in magazines or TV.