Can I smoke during Lent?

For a believer who is addicted to drugs, it is important to know whether it is possible to smoke during fasting. This problem needs to be considered from many aspects, because it has its pitfalls.

Fast smoking

If it is not clearly stated in the Bible, is smoking a sin? If you can't quit this addiction, is it worth fasting? It is worth clarifying these and other disturbing issues.

Smoking: sin or not?

Many people falsely claim that smoking is not a sin because it is not clearly stated in the Bible. The fact is, like overeating, drunkenness, and luxury, smoking is the most common physical passion. But the Fathers interpret the concept of passion as a mental illness, which is a stumbling block to the salvation of human souls. Smoking can also form other vices in the human soul. As a result, selfishness began to show crudely. Parents who smoke in front of their children will not consider their health hazards. In addition, they are involuntarily accustomed to this harmful business. In this case, the behavior of the parents not only violated the conscience of Christians, but also violated the moral standards of mankind.

The conclusion speaks for itself: smoking is a sin that destroys your soul. It is more sinful to smoke during Lent, because this period is considered the most conducive to cleansing the body. By the way, smoking is also a sin because it has an adverse effect on health. The Bible says that health is like life, a gift from God. A person has no moral right to shorten his life independently through addiction. The smoker does not realize that he is not only endangering his own health, but also the health of those around him.

After smoking is another sin-self-justification. Probably no smoker will not try to justify his harmful passions. "If I want to, I can quit smoking easily, but now I don't understand what it means, " every smoker has said. This is a self-deception of a weak-willed person who is ashamed to admit that he is really addicted to drugs. Compared with the information that can be used in medicine, all attempts to justify smoking look very sad:

  1. The composition of tobacco contains highly toxic nicotine (about 2%). By the way, nicotine sulfate is often used in the agricultural sector to eliminate pests.
  2. During the smoking process, nicotine enters the body and then begins to penetrate the brain.
  3. People who had smoked for several years began to notice their health deteriorated. This is because nicotine poison will eventually find a weak link in the body and cause serious diseases.
  4. Scientists have proved that nicotine contains a lot of carcinogens.
  5. The radioactive substances in tobacco have a serious impact on health.

This is just a short list of the disadvantages of smoking, and other equally serious problems follow. Smoking can also lead to divorce, because it is undoubtedly a blow to the family budget, which means that scandals continue. In such quarrels, smokers cannot fully control their emotions, leading to poor vocabulary and even being attacked.

Is fasting a good time to quit smoking?

Quit smoking during fasting

It is foolish to ask if you can smoke during fasting, because this is the most important reason for quitting.

One must fight all evil tendencies, especially when it comes to your health. Perhaps when it comes to fasting, it is the real opportunity for you to say goodbye to this bad habit.

Of course, everyone knows that it is extremely difficult for long-term smokers to quit smoking.

If your willpower allows, you can quit smoking instantly, which is certainly commendable. But not everyone can take such a step. For many people, a gradual approach to this difficult problem is more appropriate.

How to quit smoking during Lent?

The fasting period is a harvest period for successful career. It's time for you to do it. This evil habit even appears in the popular proverb: "Smoking-incense to the devil". If you do not quit smoking during fasting, then in principle everything else will no longer make sense. If a person does not give up his greatest addiction, how can fasting be considered effective? of course not.

The best help in the fight against smoking is Orthodox prayer. The miraculous prayer before God awakens the conscience to take severe measures against itself.

Lent is a blessed time, through the sacrament, one is united with the Lord through prayer. God gave him strength and health to do new things. Read the prayer, talk to the priest about the sin of smoking, attend the sacrament, and you yourself will want to say goodbye to this addiction.

Many people recommend quitting smoking on the last day before the start of Lent. The bottom line is this: smoke at night, before going to bed, put a pack of empty cigarettes on the table next to you, and write "I will not smoke from today" next to it. You can also put an empty matchbox or used lighter next to it. On the one hand, this is an interesting remedy, but on the other hand, it is very effective. Thanks to this method, thousands of people have quit smoking.

No matter which way you choose to quit smoking, the important thing is to believe in yourself and the Lord.

It will give you strength and help you quit smoking.

Unfortunately, most believers only give up this annoying habit during fasting, after which they start smoking again. But as they say, everything starts with small things. Maybe this will be your small step towards a big business. Think about it: If you manage not to smoke during fasting, can't you finally say goodbye to the painful poison that devours your soul and body?

In addition, it is recommended that clergymen confess regularly. Can't help but smoke a cigarette-confession, seek advice from your spiritual master. The priest sometimes confessed to smokers. These are special prayer rules. For example, if you want to quit smoking, please read the scriptures of repentance to Jesus Christ every day during the fasting period. This method serves as a psychological setting. Nevertheless, it also helps a lot.

In any case, never give in to discouragement. The scripture says: "Ask, and you will receive. " If you believe, pray, and ask God for help, you can quit smoking once and for all and truly enjoy life.