What are the health effects of quitting smoking suddenly?

Probably every smoker has at least thought about quitting this bad habit and tries to do it every second or three times. But attempts to "tie" are not always successful. Not everyone dares to quit smoking suddenly, and the consequences of quitting smoking suddenly are unpredictable. Is it really? Maybe it is much easier to quit smoking once and for all? As for why we can't quit smoking suddenly, we will answer them one by one in this article.

The effect of quitting smoking on the body

Destructive nicotine

Everyone knows that smoking is not safe, and the Ministry of Health is not tired of its warnings. But not everyone knows what harm nicotine and its decay products can cause to the human body. What happens if you don’t stop your body during this period? What are the consequences of disrupting a normal lifestyle?

Smoking tobacco products can be a trigger mechanism for the development of systemic diseases, many of which are fatal. The life expectancy of people addicted to nicotine is nearly 10 years shorter than that of their non-smokers. The dangers of smoking are obvious:

  1. The development of tumor pathology. Smoking is actually the main cause of lung cancer. In addition, swallowing saliva containing nicotine breakdown products can significantly increase the risk of tumors in the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and duodenum.
  2. Chronic lung disease. The well-known "smoker bronchitis" can be complicated by serious diseases such as emphysema, bronchiectasis, and atelectasis.
  3. Violation of the cardiovascular system. Under the influence of nicotine, increased heart load can lead to tachycardia, high blood pressure, and heart attack. The structure of the blood vessel wall changes, the number of atherosclerotic plaques increases, and the risk of thrombosis and blood vessel blockage increases. Occlusive endarteritis occurred, leading to amputation of the lower limbs.
  4. Due to the narrowing of blood vessels in the pelvic organs, various diseases will occur, and men will experience premature impotence.
  5. Due to the harmful effects of nicotine, retinal degeneration gradually develops and the optic nerve is damaged. Smokers face the risk of permanent loss of normal vision.
  6. Similarly, the auditory nerve will be damaged, and it will have a destructive effect on the internal structure of the hearing aid. In addition, taste and smell become dull.
  7. The appearance of smokers is significantly worse, which is particularly noticeable among women. The skin turns yellow, wrinkles appear prematurely, and lips turn blue. In the morning, you may notice swelling of the facial skin. All of these are typical "smokers' faces".

In addition, nicotine can darken teeth and cause bad breath.

How easy is it to throw?

Doctors' views on the rapid cessation of smoking are also controversial. Yes, you can quit smoking suddenly, and it is indeed much easier, but only if you are not a heavy smoker, and you have to change cigarettes one by one.

People who have been smoking for less than five years can quit smoking suddenly. This is because during this period of time, the body has not had time to obtain the "bouquet" of chronic diseases, and the consequences of rejection will not be obvious.

If a person who smokes a lot for a long time decides to quit bad habits and stop smoking, it is best to do so gradually, because this is a very serious stress on the body, which can lead to unnecessary symptoms or worsening of chronic diseases.

Without nicotine constantly coming from the outside, the body must rebuild itself as soon as possible to independently produce the required amount of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter, and neuromuscular transmission is carried out through it. Smokers receive acetylcholine from cigarettes. After a long-term smoking history, the lack of acetylcholine can lead to irritability, memory impairment, lethargy, rapid fatigue, and depression. It is for this reason that many people are unable to quit smoking, with a pause of no more than a week.

In addition, it is psychologically very difficult to quit smoking suddenly and morally unprepared people will collapse and buy cigarettes again.

The psychological aspect of giving up this addiction is especially important during pregnancy. The stress caused by lack of nicotine has a great impact on women’s morale, but smoking is much more harmful. Nicotine and its tar have a toxic effect on the child's body, which can cause pregnancy discoloration and birth defects. Therefore, when a woman is responsible for one more life, it is worth making the right choice and quitting smoking immediately without prolonging the process.

Experience willpower

Can I quit smoking suddenly? Quit smoking suddenly or gradually? So what will happen to the body? After abruptly quitting smoking, a person will be more acutely aware of what is happening in his body, which may have very different health effects. Unpleasant moments and symptoms appeared in his life:

Coughing worsens in the morning. This is the first sign of reorganization-the body is working hard to clean the lungs, get rid of the toxic and harmful components in cigarette smoke, and get used to a smoke-free life.

General weakness and lethargy are the consequences of nicotine withdrawal, which can manifest in different degrees in different people. But they must exist in the lives of ex-smokers. In addition to weakness, it can also express feelings of confusion, inattention, and forgetfulness.

Due to the long history of smoking, nicotine is easily accepted by the human body, so the metabolic process will be adjusted according to its continuous supply. Therefore, with the abrupt cessation of smoking, the metabolic process returns to the "unusual" habitual channel, which can lead to feelings of lack of air, sweating, dizziness, nausea, and bradycardia.

When an experienced smoker quit smoking suddenly, he has a psychological problem-a feeling of losing something very personal and important. Therefore, it is important to have the right attitude and cooperate with a psychologist when necessary.

The only plus point is that after experiencing the consequences of the acute phase, a person begins to strongly lose the desire to smoke again. People who quit smoking have a certain view on this matter-you have to quit smoking as soon as possible, and it is best to do it under the supervision of a doctor. Even if you really want to smoke at this moment, you have to endure it. In the future, the obsession of reaching out for a cigarette will become less and less.

Nicotine withdrawal

If you quit smoking suddenly, a stronger, younger body will be more likely to tolerate nicotine deficiency, and it will have short-term manifestations of the above symptoms. However, elderly people cannot quit smoking suddenly because their defense mechanisms are weakened and nicotine withdrawal may occur. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms:

  • Increased anxiety;
  • Uncontrollable outburst of anger;
  • Severe irritability, intolerance;
  • Sudden mood swings are mainly bad;
  • Inattention
  • Insomnia;
  • Unsatisfied constant hunger.

Nicotine withdrawal state can be harmful to health, and the stress on the body is particularly obvious on the second or third day of withdrawal, especially if the smoker is the heart, and medication is required. Therefore, quitting smoking suddenly is harmful.

Slow but sure

When you gradually quit smoking, there are no serious symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Nicotine levels are steadily declining, and cigarettes gradually fade out of the background day by day, and then disappear from life forever. This type of refusal is good for long-term smoking, but it has an obvious shortcoming-when gradually quitting smoking, a person will still have a craving for nicotine for a long time, and it will begin to weaken after a few months. In addition, if you do not quit smoking suddenly, all of the above issues have nothing to do with you.

You can deal with the bad habit of smoking, the most important thing is to have desire and adjust to success. If you don't have enough willpower to put that pack of cigarettes aside forever, you can use nicotine patches. To avoid the temptation to reach out for cigarettes, please remove all lighters and ashtrays from the house and replace them with vases full of candies.

If you smoke in the company and have difficulty coping with the urge to smoke, try to trick your subconscious mind-drink any beverage through a straw.

Drink more green tea-this will help to quickly remove toxins from the body, which means that the "withdrawal" period will be less obvious.

And, of course, if you decide not to quit smoking suddenly, start exercising. Active exercise and sufficient muscle load will reduce the craving for nicotine, prevent weight gain, improve your happiness, and boost your mood.