What happens if you quit smoking suddenly

Many people think that long-term use of nicotine has no effect on improving health and restoring the body. People will not give up a bad habit and exacerbate addiction. However, medicine claims that people who quit smoking benefit only one hour after the last cigarette.

Changes after quitting smoking

Quit smoking

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Once the toxic tar and nicotine stop entering the body, the cleaning of damaged tissues begins. Without smoking for a month, the brain is rebuilt, breaking the cycle of addiction.

The first hour

Only 20 minutes after smoking the last cigarette, blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature of hands and feet will return to normal. The concentration of carbon monoxide decreases, oxygen enters the blood, and tissues and blood vessels are nourished. After 8 hours, the amount of nicotine remaining in the blood was reduced to 6. 25% of the normal daily level, a reduction of 93. 75%.

After 12 hours, the oxygen in the blood has increased to a normal level and the carbon monoxide has dropped. The heart beats smoother and the risk of attacks is halved. People are excited by the decisions they make, and their emotions are high.

Desires rarely appear, only 2-3 minutes, and are easily distracted.

first day

The activities of the recovery process are increasing every day:

  • The nicotine level is reduced to a negligible amount.
  • The heart rate is stable. Veins and arteries will not spasm.
  • Taste and smell become sharper.
  • After three days, the volume of the lungs increased. The bronchus is cleared.
  • The tension of the blood vessels is restored.
  • The internal organs are gradually being renewed.
  • By the fourth day, the blood flow to the brain returned to normal.
  • On the sixth day, the black mucus was cleared. Inflammation of nerve endings is relieved.

In the first few days, the physiological changes are very active, and the body is rapidly clearing toxins. Against this background, dizziness, tinnitus, and increased blood pressure occurred. The mental state changes every day, from euphoria to irritability, tearing, insomnia, hunger or refusal to eat, and headache.

Quitting suddenly is not as difficult as living without cigarettes in the first week. By overcoming this obstacle, the chances of getting rid of addiction are significantly increased.

the first week

On the seventh day, the body’s addiction to tobacco ends. Without nicotine supplements, the body begins to function completely normally. Emotionally, people at this time will feel destroyed.

Smoking is not a physical need, but a common daily habit.

In the next two to four weeks, the quality of life has changed significantly due to the improvement of blood circulation:

  • The shortness of breath almost disappeared. Lung function increased by 30%.
  • Exercise endurance increases.
  • Eyesight and hearing are getting better.
  • The chronic cough stopped.
  • The cells of the stomach, pancreas and intestine are renewed.
  • The overall energy level rises.
  • The immune system is strengthened.

One year later

The sudden decision to quit smoking will completely change your life.

Energy influx, health improvement:

  • The second month-the cells will be updated 2-3 times.
  • Third, the blood vessels will be restored.
  • Fourth, the skin will change and the internal organs will return to normal, becoming like a non-smoker.
  • Fifth-liver regeneration occurs.
  • Sixth-blood will be completely renewed, breathing will become easier, muscles will be stronger.

These processes continued until the end of the year, and positive changes occurred in all areas. Within a few months, regardless of gender, the chances of erectile dysfunction will decrease, and the chances of healthy sex will increase.

Smoking thins the cerebral cortex. Decision-making, risk, inability to control one's own condition, early dementia, and 14% of Alzheimer's disease cases worldwide have problems. Quitting smoking immediately is the correct conclusion. Within 11 months of no smoke, the bark thickened and the quality of thoughts, decisions, and actions improved.

After a year, the body will fully recover. The risk of stroke will be 30-35%. The probability of a heart attack will be halved. The risk of cancer and liver disease will be reduced by 90%.

Consequences of quitting smoking suddenly

Quitting smoking suddenly does not always mean a lot of stress on the mind and body. The experience of "the smoke disappears" is short, and the parting will pass peacefully. After a long time, it will inevitably appear.

Due to chronic diseases, it is more difficult to quit smoking after the age of 50. After overcoming addiction at this age, there is a chance to extend the duration and quality of life.

For appearance

Worrying about weight gain makes sense, because rejecting nicotine can cause hunger and cravings for sweets. These phenomena are disappearing. Proper nutrition helps to get rid of weight gain. Tomatoes, eggplants, broccoli, and potatoes all contain a certain percentage of nicotine. These vegetables will help reduce cravings for tobacco, reduce weight, and will not harm your health.

For internal organs

  • Immunity loses stimulants and becomes depressed. At first, it is very likely to catch a cold or get a virus.
  • Cough-intoxication, does not include the lung wall and bronchi, expectoration, deep rales aggravate. Attacks are more frequent. They are related to the removal of the lung organs from the resin. Sometimes this process involves inflammation, and consultation with a doctor is not unnecessary.
  • Dizziness-the spasm of blood vessels begin to expand and produce this response.
  • Intestine-there is a reorganization, the mucous membrane is renewed, and therefore, the stool is disturbed.

For happiness

Headaches, muscle cramps related to internal organs, appear in the first stage and will soon disappear. Poor work ability, memory, concentration and drowsiness or insomnia. For the nicotine-free regimen, these symptoms are normal. The reason is that oxygen surges and the body "does not know" how to deal with it.

For mood

Because of the loss of usual happiness, irritability, anxiety, depression, and aggression pile up. These phenomena will last from a few days to a week, and they will disappear over time.

Nicotine withdrawal syndrome

When a person decides to quit smoking suddenly, everything tortured in the initial stage is called abstinence. This is a serious shortage of substances that continue to be absorbed, and the body is trying to restore balance.

The syndrome appeared shortly after the last cigarette.

It lasts for a few days to two or three months, and gradually weakens:

  • Breathing becomes difficult, shortness of breath occurs, and coughing worsens.
  • Poor stool, loss of appetite, and unpleasant taste in the mouth. The food becomes disgusting and constantly disgusting.
  • Shaking hands, sweating alone, unable to sleep, worried, irritable. Attention and memory are distracting.
  • The duration of the syndrome depends on the number of years a person has smoked and how many cigarettes he smokes per day.

Psychological attitude is very important: if it is decisive, then there is almost no restraint. When forced-the symptoms will be severe and long-term.

What should I do:

  • Patience and restraint.
  • Use special preparations.
  • Avoid smoking companies.
  • Walk around more.
  • Engage in intense work.
  • Change your diet. Quit drinking.
  • Increase physical activity.
  • Read useful literature.

If you feel that a malfunction is imminent, you will not be able to cope-see a doctor. He can prescribe medicine.

What happens if you start smoking again

Health problems will appear quickly. Stopping smoking has a beneficial effect on the function of all systems in the body. He prevented the development of diseases caused by long-term intake of nicotine. If an experienced ex-smoker quits smoking, the problem will come back and become irreversible.

Starting to smoke after a break, people increased their tobacco use by two to three times in a short period of time, and they couldn't stop it. This is how all dependencies work.