What happens if you quit smoking: the daily impact on the body

Everyone has heard of the dangers of smoking, but the terrible inscriptions or pictures on the cigarette packs will not cause people to fanatical rejection of this habit. Even after 35 or 40 years of regular nicotine use, many people still dare to say no to themselves. If you quit smoking, in addition to the health benefits, saving money is also a plus. Life will glow with new colors and fragrances.

Problems related to giving up bad habits

There is a view that if you quit smoking suddenly, the possibility of developing dangerous diseases will directly increase. There is no doubt that it takes time to clean the body and some effort.

Irritability when quitting smoking

But the most basic consequences for the bodies of men and women are as follows:

  • Irritable, sometimes even aggressive;
  • Cough from resin;
  • Immune function is decreased and suppressed due to lack of nicotine;
  • Fatigue and headaches may be caused by a drop in blood sugar;
  • During the first few months of the addiction "onset", the likelihood of weight gain increases.

There are more than one table on the Internet listing the benefits of quitting smoking for each organ. But in general, the experience of habit, the age of the person, and the organism formed by the individual all play a role. Men are making faster progress than women. If there were previous effectiveness issues, in six months or a year, intimate life will become fulfilled. Over time, avoiding smoking will help the body cure chronic diseases.

Daily consequences

first day

The change started in the first minute of quitting nicotine. After 20 minutes of smoking, a person's pulse and blood pressure will improve. The temperature of the hands and feet rises by 1 degree, and the red blood cells work normally. At night, the carbon monoxide content in the blood will decrease, which will help the body's cells to saturate with oxygen.

Measuring pressure when quitting smoking

Of course, addicts will not pay too much attention to improvement. In my mind, the obsessive thought of "light a cigarette" revolves, there is tension and anxiety. Most people who quit drug addiction suffer from disturbed sleep, decreased appetite, and even general weakness.

the next day

Signs of nicotine withdrawal began to appear. The production of mucus in the lungs is reduced, which is conducive to the function of cilia. The damaged intestinal cells begin to regenerate.

Some people are more irritable and have difficulty falling asleep. Shortness of breath and aggravation of cough appear, pushing accumulated resin out of the lungs. Changes in taste or loss of appetite are possible.

The third day

Cilia and bronchi begin to regenerate. The blood flow to the heart and brain increases, and the tension of the blood vessels returns to normal. Taste buds become sharper, so there is a chance of getting fat.

Hot tongue when quitting smoking

Reduce the body's dependence on nicotine at the cellular level. But the mental state has increased-as before, it is easy to "lift up" under normal circumstances. For some people, this day seems emotionally difficult. There may be heartburn or tinnitus. The dream is still disturbing.

The fourth day

The recovery process in the stomach continues. Bronchial secretion is stable, and bronchial tension gradually begins to decrease. The lungs are purified and the blood flow to the brain returns to normal.

The behavior becomes absent, and the mood changes sharply from happiness to depression. But the psychological state gradually began to stabilize, and the aggressiveness and irritability decreased.

Day 5

In the distal part of the bronchopulmonary system, purification takes place. The intestines are in the normalization stage. Blood vessel tension becomes a habit of the body. When coughing, he secretes thick black mucus.

Cough when quitting smoking

The probability of failure remains high. Pride in duration is replaced by dangerous thoughts of lighting a cigarette. Don't give in, but eliminate the annoying factors.

Sixth day

This day marks the emergence of new white blood cells without nicotine. These are all types of white blood cells that detoxify bacteria. The lower lungs secrete more mucus, and the function of bronchial cilia is normalized. Excessive sweating is possible, and there is also a desire to drink regularly.

When the psychological disorder returns, women may burst into tears. Of course, a deep-rooted smoker thought in his mind: "Well, good job, he insisted, he proved it. Now you can relax with a cigarette and coffee, so to speak. " But everything is there. Possibly, don't forget the body's work, trying to remove the toxins accumulated in every cell over the years.

No smoking for a week

The complete recovery process begins-the body is completely rebuilt and can work without nicotine addiction. The production of new cells occurs in the gastrointestinal tract, but the secretion of the organs is still increased. The lungs and nervous system have the longest renewal time. Thick, dark phlegm is still produced when coughing.

Smoker's lungs and quitting lungs

On this day, most people will feel indifferent and indifferent. The craving for smoking still exists, but it is much more difficult to understand that it is more difficult to bear psychological dependence than physical dependence. High-fat foods can cause heartburn and nausea, so you need to check your diet.

Eighth day

Taste and smell receptors are fully activated, so the food acquires a normal taste. Continue to regenerate in the lung tissue. There are still phlegm and mucus, and some have the sensation of a lump in the throat.

Physical retreat is much easier. The irritation and obvious aggression are reduced, but the psychological attachment still exists. It manifests as mood changes, sadness, and short sleep time.

ninth day

The production of essential enzymes in the stomach returned to normal. The long-term recovery process of the gastrointestinal mucosa and respiratory tract continues. The blood element began to work normally. Most ex-smokers are irritated by the smell of tobacco.

Respiratory system when quitting smoking

Due to the regeneration of mucous membranes, increased appetite, manifestations of diarrhea and constipation are possible. Due to the lack of basic leisure, this state of indifference continues. Failure during this period may be due to external stimuli. Therefore, it is best not to re-smell the smoke.

tenth day

During the first six months, the blood vessels and lungs will continue to be cleaned. For experienced smokers, it may be longer. At the same time, the recovery process of immunity begins. The cough continued.

When coughing, the lump will give off a creepy smell. These are dead eyelashes in resin accumulation. Some doctors recommend fluoroscopy or go to the ear, nose and throat department to rule out pathology at this time. Smokers have an increased risk of smoking. Ideas become less intrusive.

the eleventh day

During the second half of nicotine rejection, the activity of the small blood vessels that carry arterial blood is stabilized. Quitting smoking affects your metabolism, so you will get better. In order not to lose weight, it is best to control weight and food intake.

Quit smoking food

As the oxygen flowing into the brain increases, dizziness may occur. Women will become complaining, and men will become aggressive. The urge to smoke increases the urge to check "like it or not. "

The twelfth day

The second regenerative white blood cell has been formed and participates in the body's defense against viruses. People who quit bad habits before the age of 30 will notice changes in skin color. Gradually, the cough was relieved and the intestinal function was basically restored.

Now the psychological state is very depressed. For the time being, it is best to avoid pungent odors and continue to quit nicotine.

Thirteenth day

Dynamic regeneration of skin cells. The upper layer still contains traces of addiction, but the lower layer begins to re-form. The vascular tone is still unstable.

Quit smoking blood

The desire to smoke is more out of interest than habit. The mood is still low because the nervous system is still damaged.

No nicotine for two weeks

Begin to restore the endothelium, the inner layer that covers the blood vessel wall. Healing of bronchial mucosa at completion stage. The skin tone continued to improve, and the yellow soot on the fingers gradually disappeared. Violations are manifested as weakness and drowsiness. For some people, this day became a turning point. Someone once again returned to the ranks of smokers.

No smoking for a month or more

In the first month, the face is healthy, cough and sputum are reduced. As the brain gradually adapts to the oxygen supply, dizziness and a drop in blood pressure may occur. Epithelial cells are renewed, helping the formation of new cells.

Headache when quitting smoking

The first month is very stressful. You should try not to pay attention to the number of smoke-free days. You can follow your body and help it with vitamins, because immunity will decline in the first few weeks. Second-hand smoke should be avoided. For all efforts, the body will be endowed with priceless health.

In the second and third months, the yellowness on the face disappeared visibly. Smoking addiction is gradually decreasing. The lungs are still clean, and sputum is produced when coughing. Dry throat can be disturbing. The dizziness and sudden stress surge passed. Sleep improves, taste buds increase appetite.

After six months, the work of the internal organs will change and a single liver cell will regenerate, which will last about six months. Purified and oxygenated blood circulates in the blood vessels. The steady work of the gastrointestinal tract will help you lose weight through proper nutrition.

The phlegm no longer has a dark color and may no longer stand out at all. Most people find it easier to breathe. In fact, the volume of the lungs will increase during this period. The desire to smoke is superficial and then related to certain things.

Girls who quit smoking for free

After one year, the vocal cords will change and all the receptors will be fully restored. The world will be full of bright fragrance. Many people have a strong sense of smell and can distinguish subtle smells. The possibility of tooth decay will decrease, and tooth enamel will gradually fade. The possibility of lung cancer and liver cancer is reduced by 80%, the possibility of esophagus and stomach cancer is reduced by more than 60%, and lip cancer is completely ruled out. In order to speed up all the positive aspects, it is worth quitting today.