Smoking at the entrance of a residential building: what does the law say?

Can I smoke in the stairwell of a multi-storey residential building? Similar problems are not only smokers, but neighbors who oppose smoking. Some changes have taken place in the "Citizen Health Protection Law" that bans smoking in all public places.

According to the amendment, smokers are prohibited from smoking in multi-storey buildings.

The main provisions of the anti-tobacco law

No smoking at the entrance

Is it possible to smoke in the entrances and elevators of residential buildings? The law restricts smoking in public places and aims to protect the rights of non-smokers. Tobacco smoke produced by cigarettes has a negative impact on the health of people who are not addicted to nicotine.

Why was the law banning the use of cigarettes in crowded areas passed?

The urge to take anti-tobacco measures at the state level is a terrible statistic:

  • More than 40% of people suffer from nicotine addiction;
  • Approximately 400, 000 citizens die from cancer and other smoking-related diseases every year;
  • Tobacco smoke has a negative impact on the health of passive smokers and causes cancer.

Combining the above reasons, the Ministry of Health proposes to formulate a draft legislation to at least ban smoking in areas where citizens gather spontaneously:

  • In universities and schools;
  • Playgrounds and sports fields;
  • Cafes and hotels;
  • Airports and railway stations;
  • Aprons and parking lots;
  • Government agencies and hospitals;
  • Air and land transportation;
  • Trade and household businesses;
  • Work area and transportation station;
  • Seaport and train.

Obviously, for a heavy smoker, the list of prohibited places suitable for meeting nicotine needs is quite large. Therefore, they still violate the law from time to time, commit illegal acts, and thus assume administrative responsibility.

Can I smoke at the entrance of a residential building?

Is smoking allowed at the entrance

According to the new smoking ban in public places, you cannot use cigarettes at the entrance. Due to the lack of a ventilation system, smoking is prohibited at the entrance of the residential building. Therefore, the use of tobacco products on stairs and steps is prohibited.

In order to protect the health of citizens who are not suffering from nicotine addiction, the anti-smoking project stipulates that smoking is strictly prohibited in the following places in the apartment building:

  • Elevators and basements;
  • Stairwells and lofts;
  • Technical rooms and corridors.

Smokers who do not follow the instructions will be punished in the form of fines.

In order to bring the offender to justice, you need to write a corresponding statement to the police.

Exception to the rule

Not all cases are fined for smoking at the entrance.

Although the Anti-Tobacco Act stipulates several points, it is still possible to smoke at the entrance of high-rise buildings, but only if certain conditions are met:

  1. There are specially designated smoking places;
  2. There is a ventilation system in the "smoking room";
  3. The smoking area complies with fire safety standards;
  4. The high-level residents agree to the equipment at the entrance to the "smoking room".

In all other cases, the smoker is responsible for smoking at the entrance. If the offender is guilty, he will be fined.

Penalties for smoking at the entrance

Girl holding a no smoking sign at the entrance

What penalties are imposed on offenders who smoke at the door of a multi-storey residential building?

The law is very strict, so there are very severe material penalties for die-hard smokers:

  • Use cigarettes in the stairwell.
  • Smoking near the playground.
  • Minors participate in the smoking process.

In addition, fines are imposed on officials who are obliged to monitor the implementation of passed laws.

Maintaining public order is entirely the responsibility of the police. If the person violates the laws restricting smoking and distributing tobacco, his employees will be fined.

How to punish offenders?

How to punish smokers who use tobacco products at the entrance?

If the other party does not believe that you insist on throwing away cigarettes, you need to do the following:

  1. Use a video camera or camera to film the criminal's smoking process in the wrong place;
  2. Write a statement to law enforcement agencies and provide video and photo materials to confirm the authenticity of the testimony;
  3. Provide at least two witnesses who can verify the authenticity of your words and the authenticity of the photos and video materials.

These measures are sufficient to punish negligent neighbors who do not comply with the provisions of the anti-tobacco law.