How to change cigarettes when quitting

People who want to quit smoking always have a question, that is, what to look for to replace cigarettes when they want to smoke? If you listen to the opinions of followers of various healthy lifestyles, then you can decide that if a person asks these and similar questions, it may mean that he is not ready to quit smoking deep in his heart, he has questions, or whether he needs toIn doing so, it is still about his own strength. . .

Seeds to replace cigarettes when quitting smoking

But at the same time, people should not forget that nicotine addiction in the form of smoking is not so much a physical addiction as it is a mental addiction, an unhealthy desire.

Obviously, when something is taken away from a person who has firmly entered his life and is feeling a positive moment, he will begin to experience expressed anxiety and then transform into something that needs to be replaced.

In addition, nature hates empty space, it must be filled with something. In your case, what will replace smoking? What can replace the bad habit of smoking?

The advantages and disadvantages of. . .

Today, smokers can easily answer the question of how to substitute cigarettes for smoking. Everyone can find a suitable one. Some people prefer so-called safe cigarettes: electronic or nicotine-free; others prefer lollipops or sugar-containing pills; for some people, chewing gum or seeds are the way out.

Unfortunately, all these alternatives have their disadvantages: lollipops damage teeth and figure, chewing gum causes increased gastric juice secretion, and electronic cigarettes and nicotine-free cigarettes are not always effective for withdrawal.

What cigarettes are worth replacing, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each "alternative"?

Cigarettes will replace lollipops

Many smokers who did not know how to replace cigarettes started to consume large amounts of lollipops, smoking candies or pills. This helps to combat the urge to smoke well. The lozenge acts on receptors in the mouth and respiratory organs, replacing cigarettes to some extent.

Peppermint candies are particularly effective-they can reduce the urge to smoke, freshen the breath, and contain less sugar. The popularity of candy as a substitute for cigarettes is well-founded: they are not addictive and do help cope with the urge to smoke.

But if you replace all smoking cravings with sweets, then the number of calories and sugars will exceed all reasonable standards, so there will be problems with overweight and impaired carbohydrate metabolism.

Chewing gum and cigarettes

Chewing gum can be divided into two categories: ordinary chewing gum containing nicotine and special chewing gum. The principle of the first "work" is the same as that of candy: replace habitual smoking with another action-chewing.

But when choosing mint-flavored or cinnamon-flavored chewing gum, don’t forget that constant chewing will increase the secretion of gastric juice, which means it will increase the risk of gastritis and gastric ulcers. Nicotine chewing gum contains nicotine, which can not cure the craving for smoking while relieving withdrawal symptoms.

E-cigarettes replaced the usual

Electronic cigarettes are now considered to be one of the most effective ways to combat nicotine addiction. Completely imitating the appearance of cigarettes and lighting rituals can help combat the habit of psychological addiction and smoking, and because it is not cigarette smoke but steam that enters the body, the harm to the body is minimized.

But unfortunately, this therapy is not a panacea for quitting smoking. Inhaling steam cannot replace the feeling of smoking, and e-cigarettes themselves are also common. Today, doctors and scientists argue about the benefits and harms of e-cigarettes, but it has been experimentally proven that e-cigarettes replace ordinary cigarettes for those who want to quit smoking by themselves.

Nicotine-free cigarettes-convenient and safe?

The appearance and function of nicotine-free cigarettes are the same as ordinary cigarettes, but their tobacco does not contain nicotine. This kind of cigarette is a real substitute for ordinary cigarettes, but it is recommended to be used only during smoking cessation periods. In fact, when inhaling the smoke of cigarettes that do not contain nicotine, carbon monoxide resin, benzopyrene and other components that are equally harmful to health will also enter the human body.

Other "substitutes" for cigarettes

You can replace cigarettes with seeds, straws, chewing sticks, or snacks. But each method, in addition to its advantages, has many disadvantages. Whether it is worth changing one question to another, each smoker must decide for himself.

Is it worth changing one addiction to another?

When quitting smoking, one should not consider how to change cigarettes, but to "correct" the incentives for quitting. If the honest answer to the question "Why should I quit smoking" shows that the cause is anything, not their own aversion to smoking, then even if there are alternatives to cigarettes, smoking cessation may not be effective.

If the thrower finds something that can replace cigarettes, then you need to be prepared for the fact that there are no substitutes for safe alternatives, which means that it may cause problems because you have already taken them.

Caramel or snacks-overweight, chewing gum-digestive diseases, vegetables and fruits are not harmless, even if the amount is the same as the number of cigarettes smoked a day.

Chewing on all kinds of sticks, from matches to branches, is not harmless. Matches are impregnated with combustible compounds. To put it mildly, they are of no use to humans, and the branches have side effects and have a very bad taste.

In any case, it’s important to understand that you shouldn’t chase two hares at a time, and eating one more candy and one kilogram of overweight is hardly more harmful than smoking for a day or two. You don't have to rely on sweets for many years after you quit smoking-one week, two weeks, nothing more.

up to you! What do you want, a healthy life, despite minor complications in the first stage, or years of smoking?