How easy is it to quit smoking

How to get rid of nicotine addiction

The craving for nicotine is so strong that smokers always think of cigarettes. If you quit smoking, you may experience an unpleasant withdrawal syndrome, which forces you to smoke again. How to clean the body of nicotine by yourself at home? Today we will show you how to quit smoking.

A simple way to quit smoking easily

The easy way to quit smoking is the title of a famous book by Allen Carr. With its help, many smokers can forget this bad habit forever. Why can't she become a panacea in the fight against this addiction?

This book was first published in 1985. They said that after reading this book, every smoker managed to independently remove the nicotine bronchus, thus forgetting smoking forever. However, reading at home is not enough; when reading, you need to consider the information you have obtained.

If the smoker cannot remember its contents after reading the book, there will be no results. But now, the era of new technology has arrived, and ordinary books have been replaced by video and audio books. Only when you read it yourself can you really achieve results; watching videos or listening to books will not help you quit smoking at home.

If you strongly want to permanently clean the bronchial tubes in nicotine, especially if you find them painful, you need to set aside a few days for this. You need to psychologically adapt to possible changes in your life related to no longer needing cigarettes.

You must read carefully, think about each word, and try to avoid being distracted by anything. You can even light a cigarette while reading, but once the book is finished, you will never pick up a cigarette again. Everyone can use this simple method of quitting smoking without paying any additional fees.

Folk method

You can remove the bronchus from the nicotine alone at home because it is enough to use one of many folk remedies. Everyone can independently choose a simple way to quit smoking and choose the best option.

Milk cigarettes

If you find a bronchial injury, you need to urgently clean the entire accumulated nicotine. A simple way to quit smoking is to use milk cigarettes. This choice will enable you to get rid of nicotine addiction independently, and you can treat it at home.

For this, you need:

  • Get a pack of ordinary cigarettes
  • Take out all the cigarettes and soak them in milk.
  • Let the cigarette dry completely in a warm place.
  • Put all the cigarettes back into the bag and put them in the pocket.
  • I was eager to smoke.

Smoking will quickly cause persistent nausea, allowing you to cleanse your nicotine body at home.

Glycerin, honey and eucalyptus

A simple way to quit smoking can make you gradually get rid of addiction without unexpected and significant changes in your life. In this case, the bronchi will not be under severe pressure and there is no withdrawal syndrome.

To clean the whole body from nicotine at home, especially if the lungs are already sore, you can take a simple remedy. For this you need the following ingredients:

  • Water-0. 5L
  • Eucalyptus leaves-1 tablespoon.
  • Honey-1 tablespoon.
  • Glycerin-1 tablespoon

In order to clean the lungs at home, the ingredients produced must be prepared according to a special formula:

  • Bring water to a boil, then fill with dried eucalyptus leaves;
  • The leaves filled with boiling water need to persist for about an hour;
  • The infusion must be carefully filtered and honey and glycerin added;
  • Stir the mixture well

When the bronchus is injured, it is recommended to use synthetic ingredients up to 7 times a day, 50-60 ml each time for one month. If you cannot quit smoking at home during this period, it is recommended to repeat the treatment process again.

Nicotine bath

With a strong desire to smoke, a person will experience the strongest nervous tension, which may cause lung injury. To relieve this pressure, you can relax at home.

To prepare it, you need a special thyme injection:

  • Pour 100 grams of thyme vanilla and two liters of boiling water.
  • We insist on a thirty-minute remedy.
  • Pour water with a temperature of 38-39°C into the bath.
  • Pour the resulting infusion into the bath solution

In order to quickly cope with nicotine addiction and clean the body, it is recommended to take a bath for 30 minutes a day.

Lemon Honey

If you use a tablespoon of honey and lemon twice a day, you can do it once and for all. However, you will be able to quickly resolve the unpleasant addiction problem.

The mixture is prepared as follows:

  • Peel 4 or 5 lemons
  • Flavour with honey
  • Grind the honey and lemon clockwise with a wooden spoon until smooth.
  • The resulting mixture should be stored in a glass container with a lid.

When preparing this product, metal objects are prohibited. As a last option, you can use a plastic spoon or other items. It is recommended to store the quality until completely used up. After that, you should prepare new folk remedies for smoking.

Psychological influence

Most scientists believe that nicotine can cause physiology rather than addiction. What does it mean? When a person has the opportunity to smoke, he often does so on the grounds of lack of patience.

If a smoker is forced to endure it deliberately, he will become irritable and may lose concentration. In rare cases, smokers may even begin to tremble: as the dependence on nicotine increases, the need for the next substance increases. But at the same time, for example, if a smoker is in the cabin of an airplane where it is impossible to smoke, then he does not even remember his addiction.

At the same time, he can feel good, and there will be no signs of dependence throughout the flight. A person sleeps for 6-7 hours on average. Smokers can smoke in 35 minutes. In other words, he can use up to 10 cigarettes per night. However, smokers never wake up to smoke at night. This shows that this is just a psychological dependence, not a physical dependence. Therefore, you can try to quit smoking through psychological intervention.

Here are some effective tips on how to adjust yourself to quit smoking:

  • Don’t think about getting rid of the complexities of nicotine addiction.
  • No need to set a specific date to start getting rid of the addiction. If you want to quit smoking, you can try it now.
  • You need to realize that after you get rid of nicotine addiction, your usual life will change. Accept this idea and figure out how to deal with yourself when you smoke.
  • Don't try to quit smoking quickly, first reduce cigarettes. If you use about one pack of cigarettes a day, you will smoke 19 cigarettes a day next week, then 18 cigarettes, and so on. You will find it easy
  • If you can't quit smoking, don't be sad. You need to try as much as possible until you get rid of this dependency forever.
  • Don't feel sorry for yourself. If you start to feel bad for yourself, then decide that you can smoke because you feel bad. As a result, another attempt will fail.
  • You should not look for reasons to justify each cigarette: "I feel uncomfortable", "I haven't smoked for a long time", "I can't concentrate until I smoke. "You must completely forget this idea. And you should not invent new ones.
  • You need to start to respect yourself, because you can quit smoking and get rid of this unpleasant addiction quickly.
  • You should not tell yourself that you cannot get rid of nicotine to get better. Losing extra pounds is much easier than getting rid of cigarettes. Why did you decide to add more pounds?
  • It is recommended to use your hands instead of normal cigarettes. Try to sculpt figures from plasticine, make a plate of dough, and hold the tennis ball in your hand.
  • If you plan to quit smoking, please try not to drink alcoholic beverages. After being drunk, a person can easily succumb to the temptation to light a cigarette.
  • Any "only the last cigarette left" is the beginning of a new addiction. If you decide to quit smoking, you should not smoke cigarettes in your life.
  • One month after quitting smoking, as long as you look at yourself in the mirror, you can see happiness, beauty and fresh faces. This result will make you give up cigarettes forever.

Expert advice

Almost every smoker wants to get rid of nicotine addiction, but cannot. They are seldom prepared to accept their wishes, fearing humiliation and ridicule, lest they fail. It can also prevent the start of smoking cessation. It's best to try one of the above techniques yourself without any effort.